Davis Memorial Presbyterian Church

Reaching out with the good news


DMPC is a diverse goup of imperfect people trying to live abundantly in the love of God.  Our people are not ‘perfect’… but we do feel that folks here are genuinely trying to work, pray, and play together as we go through life together.  We are a rather diverse group — republicans, democrats, conservatives, liberals, rich folks, poor folks—and a lot of people in between.  What makes us special is that we try not focus on what separates us but rather we try to focus on what unites us in the love of God through Jesus Christ.

Presbyterians have been in the Tygarts River Valley since the early 19th century.  As the Presbyterian congregation in Elkins was exceeding the size of the small white church it met in during the late 1800’s, Henry Gassaway Davis built the stone church where we currently meet in 1895, in honor of his mother.  While we worship is a magnificent building, we feel called to believe that church happens everywhere God’s love is shown and proclaimed, thus we are intentional in reaching out to families in our community, Davis and Elkins College, and other places to share love, mercy, and grace.

We hope you take time to visit our congregation as we worship at 11:00am on Sundays.